Senior Single Men… and the "Sweet Life"

I “joined” the senior single men group at age 65 [2005]

There I was… ready to retire… and my life was going right into the crapper!

A new senior SINGLE guy… aka divorced

Minimal pension… no frills, no fun, no frolicking with beach bunnies

Hating Alberta winters… too much cold… too much snow… too many terrifying car trips slipping and sliding on black ice

Just how does an old single guy reinvent his life?

I spent a lot of time on the Internet looking for solutions.

  • Overcoming Health Issues related to getting older
  • Long-term Romantic Relationships when I couldn’t establish rapport with older Western women
  • Traveling and Seeing More of My World with a limited budget
  • Retirement on a minimal pension
  • Stretching my dollars, given that minimum pension and my desire to live the sweet life

There’s a ton of information about seniors and baby boomers on the Internet… BUT… 

I found it

  • disorganized
  • contradictory
  • oriented toward the “traditional” thinking about the roles of men
  • and of no use to a slightly radical guy who wanted to leave mainstream “growing old” ideas, and spend his remaining years living the sweet life

So I went on my own journey of discovery.

I waded through swamps [up to my butt in crocodiles], tip-toed through minefields, and took some wrong turns.

But I got to where I am happy... content... living the sweet life…

The senior single men journey as I experienced it!

How this senior single man journeyed from despair to delight. Living the sweet life means that MOSTLY an older bloke is in a state of “delight”.
You'll be healthy enough, mobile enough, pain free, and have ample energy
to savor the sweet life!
With aging comes the tendency to sometimes “feel our age”!
My tips, tricks and strategies will help you make the transition.

I’ll be your amigo and guide you around the obstacles… or…
yell advice so you can avoid the crocodiles in that swamp!

I’ll discuss the good, the bad, and the worrisome… experiences over 5 years of searching…

Now what about you? What brings you here?

  • Lousy health holds you back
  • Not enough money
  • Too damned lonely
  • Fear of traveling
  • Retirement is scary

Is anything working out for you?

Don’t worry!

Learn effective "Sweet Life How to" strategies… focused on senior single men…

If finances are just plain troublesome, you can learn how to stretch your money.

If you are struggling with health and mobility issues, I can show you ways to work through these.

Personal relationships, especially romantic ones, often are exasperating for senior single men, but I’ve got strategies for that, too.

Most everyone is interested in traveling to see more of their world, but fears of unknown places, customs, laws, and food hold back some… all these issues can go away!

Retirement is a fearful idea for many…

but I’ve found the perfect place for my retirement,
with a perfect climate,
and awesome people...
and I’ll clue you in all about it.

Right here, right now, you can gather tips and tools
to move past those things that are holding you back,
and soon you’ll embrace the wonder of living the sweet life…
even IF you are a senior single man!

Will it be a smooth and easy journey?

There will always be unforeseen issues... but I’m here to support you when you have problems.
Know that you’re not alone.

I know it's hard to find the strength to get back up again, and again, and again... 
Persevere, you'll get there.

Rolling with the punches will become second nature for you. 
You’ll adapt to whatever life throws at you, and climb back in the driving seat. 

And the coping skills you learn here will help you live the sweet life, despite the havoc of your former life.

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Living the sweet life!Warmest regards,

p.s. I'm content, healthy, and have a lovely lady companion... for me... that's the sweet life!
What's your definition?
Let me help you achieve that...

Steering you in the right direction!Steering you in the right direction!


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