Attention Single Men [seniors and baby-boomers]... is this you?

Not able to do what you like, when you want?

  • knowing your plans are impossible
  • fearing you'll be a burden to friends and inconveniencing them
  • having to make up excuses about why you cannot participate
  • nagging pain and need for assistance hold you back
https://www.seniorsinglemen.comGarry Worger, The Single Grandpa
will guide you to
loving your upbeat life,
not being beat-up by life!

Do you find yourself thinking,

"I want to get up in morning, think about what I want to do, and and get out and do it... with no regrets that I can't do it
I want go out with friends and not be a burden.
At the end of the day, I want to have reasonable satisfaction that I've achieved what I wanted to."

Body is sore all over
Relationships are a sore point
Fingers are sore from having to pinch pennies, and stretch dollars
Feet are sore from running away from debt collectors
Butt is sore from being booted around by life

Senior Single Men Mission
Turning older blokes [like me] into
sore losers!

thinking about sore losersSore Losers?


I know how you feel about life being pain-full! I felt the same way for about 5 years.

My marriage of 34 years had ended. I was forced to retire with a minimal pension. I had to move to a different city and live with my 90 year old dad, since my finances were so terrible. No close friends. My aches and pains kept me from socializing.

Life was awful!

BUT… I sucked it up.

  • I found the energy to move past all the shit in my life
  • I found a way to stretch my money
  • I found a loving lady partner
  • My health improved
  • My chronic pain mostly disappeared
  • I could move around more easily

At last… I was Living The Dream… and NOT a burden to anyone.

Want to change your life from pathetic to awesome?
I did it.
I showed several of my buddies how to do what I did.
Now… it’s your turn.

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on the other hand

On the other hand...

if you're a senior single man who is satisfied with your present situation…

don’t do anything.

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