The survivor of the 3 little pigs became a sore loser
[after he retired]

When the 3 little pigs moved out on their own, they were told by their mom that the only way to succeed was to make sure to choose to do everything in the safest and best way.

ALWAYS follow Mom's words of wisdom

Well, the first 2 silly piggies opted to use inferior building construction material for their houses, and when the first big wind came along, in the guise of the big bad wolf, the houses collapsed and the occupants became BBQ pork ribs for the wolf.

Here’s the wolf’s favorite recipe for pigs who ignore their mom’s advice.

Here's a video of this story

Little pig #3 did follow his mom's advice.

The wise third pig used bricks for construction which even a tornado-breath wolf couldn’t destroy and we have always assumed this pig lived happily ever after.

The original story of the 3 little pigs stopped with the demise of the wolf, but the third pig carried on with life…

WP3 [Wise Pig 3] lived a typical OK existence for the next 40+ years, trying to make his mark in the world.

He tried out several occupations, based on his being a male swine, but was never too successful in any.

There's a chance his spelling ability interfered with his thinking about occupations.

His first job was assisting tidal water move rapidly inland from the mouth of an estuary. However, the New Brunswick winters proved too cold.

Next he tried a career helping make tunnels. However, he was fired for being the wrong species.

[Suidae rather than Eulipotyphla]

He sued his employer on the basis of racial discrimination, but his droning monotonous voice put all the jury to sleep, and in their rejection of his suit, they pointed out it was genus and species that was the issue... not race...

Lastly, he tried to make a name for himself in the field of quantum theory and atomic structure, but found that someone had beaten him to it.

At retirement age he was discouraged to realize his chance for a great future was not wonderful.

  • His body was sore all over
    his health and mobility sucked
  • Relationships were a sore point
    no caring and nurturing partner
  • Fingers [trotters?] were sore from having to pinch pennies, and stretch dollars
    his pension was minimally adequate for just surviving
  • Feet were sore from running away from debt collectors
    his lifestyle was the typical spend and acquire promoted by banks and media
  • Butt was sore from being booted around by life!
    he had no recognition for his many accomplishments

Luckily he found someone who helped turn him into a “sore loser” and his life went from despair to delight.
He was living the sweet life!

And now… you know the rest of the story
about the 3 little pigs.

p.s. Learn how to be a sore loser like WP3!