Have you ever experienced chronic pain and diminishing mobility... when you started to feel "old", in other words?

I did, and it was frightening...

  • I worried that my buddies would want me to go to the football game with them, but my sore back couldn't adjust to the hard seats...
  • I worried that I'd be invited to a try a new restaurant, but I knew my sore knees would make me miserable all night...
  • I worried that the next trip I went on would be so filled with all-over soreness, that I couldn't enjoy myself...
  • I worried I'd sit at home, all alone, and just waste away...

What did I want?
A full and satisfying and

Less Pain and More Joy

Does this "ring true" for you?

My Pain-Full Story

it’s 2 a.m. and you just HAVE to go to the toilet…
six stairs down from your bedroom...

  • back so sore, you can barely get out of bed…
  • inching your way down those bloody stairs
  • bracing against the wall because your balance sucks big time...
  • one agonizing step… then the next… then the next
  • knees and back screaming the whole way…

AND SOON it’s time to reverse those stairs of torment …

In other words... just as I was in February, 2015.

And, at the risk of being thought crude and putting forth Too Much Information…
I suffered from TB [tiny bladder], so had to negotiate those stairs 3 or 4 times a night.

It was none too pleasant.

A life-changing decision...

iMRS PEMF medical device from Swiss Bionic SolutionsHere I am using the PEMF medical device from Swiss Bionic Solutions

I did a ton of research about pain-relief medical devices...
and in mid-February, I made the momentous decision,
purchased an electronic "intelligent" medical device,

and used it twice a day for 30 minutes each session.

This is a Swiss Bionic Solutions PEMF mat, which is FDA listed and regulated.

"Did it work?" I hear you ask...


After TWO WEEKS on the Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field mat,
I was able to write this on my FaceBook page:

I've been using the iMRS system for about 2 weeks... AND... my sore back is waaaaay better. How do I know?

  • I can climb up and down stairs without using a handrail or leaning against the wall
    [still one stair at a time, though... walking sideways]
  • I can do 30 minutes of water-walking in the pool
  • My lower back doesn't sabotage me with excruciating pain!

Less hurtin' and more dancin'
Well maybe NOT dancing.

Just two days later, I posted this

What a breakthrough!

This morning, I was able to walk down the 6 stairs in my condo (bedroom to main floor) FORWARDS! Not sideways, crab-style. Another indication that my iMRS therapy is working.

Mind you... I'm also water-walking, have modified my nutritional intake, and do some simple stretches every day.

At a Strategic Level... I'm doing 2 things...

  • reducing my bad habits
  • increasing positive life activities

I'm getting so healthy! I shall likely become a terrible BORE at parties.

WAIT! No-one ever invites me to parties... OK.., I'll bore my buddies on FaceBook.

And 5 days later…

Yesterday, I spent 4 fascinating hours, at SeaWorld Aquarium in Bangkok... 3.5 hours was strolling through looking at the exhibitions.

  • No sore hips
  • No sore back
p.s. The 5D movie is awesome... all kids [even one MY age] will love it!

The PEMF medical device from Swiss Bionic Solutions worked wonders for me...
and others...
it is pricey [$3000 US and up]... more expensive than the majority of other PEMF devices...

One lady friend said, "Nothing can be worth that price!"

Is this how you feel?


"This is just too damned expensive! I can find all sorts of PEMF mats at 1/4 the price..."

I have to admit... I really gulped when I saw the price for the iMRS... but...

What finally convinced me to buy was that
over 40 different countries
[Canada, USA, members of the EU]
listed and regulated the iMRS as a legitimate medical device.

I realized that to get this government endorsement meant some really fussy and skeptical government agencies had rigorously assessed the iMRS and  had found that the iMRS was, indeed, worthy of official listing and regulation as a medical device


  • the science was legitimate, and health benefits were proven
  • the technology was painstakingly designed and meticulously engineered
  • the manufacturing process was world class as evidenced by further certification
    [CSA, UL, EN ISO13485]
  • the product worked

All this said to me... 

  1. the company had taken the time to seek those endorsements and jump the hoops required
  2. they were proud of their product and were willing to subject the iMRS to the toughest of validation procedures

The Swiss devised iMRS is a  medical device, listed and regulated by over 40 countries, unlike the competition whose products cannot attain government endorsement.
Swiss Bionic Solutions research, innovation, engineering, manufacturing excellence, effectiveness, and world-wide service set them apart.

I could find NO OTHER manufacturer who had all these government certificates...

So I paid the price... and had it sent by FedEx to Thailand...

IT WAS WORTH THE PRICE... re-read my story above!

While searching online, I found PEMF machines... not medical devices...
that cost between $20,000 and $45,000!
The iMRS is far far far less than that...

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Here's the rest of my story...

I returned to Canada in late April, 2015.

I used the iMRS mat, daily for 20 – 30 minutes, ever since.

- No more back problems
- No more knee problems

PLUS... these benefits

  • No more having to get up at night to go pee
  • No more Sleep Apnea
  • No more swollen ankles

These were more subtle changes... sort of "sneaked up on me"!