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I bet you wonder,
"What about Garry Worger's struggles as a senior... will those have any relevance for me and my issues?"

Garry Worger's Life... short version

  1. Been there...
  2. Done that...
  4. Sucked it up...
  5. Fixed it...
  6. Learned the lesson...
  7. Moved on.


Numbers 4, 5, 6 & 7 didn't always happen right away!

Does any of this remind you of you?

My life in pictures.My life in pictures. Note that I took considerable off the top and put in on in the middle.

Long version follows...

My life has been
then pathetic
and... ultimately...

[been there   done that]

  • First...  the son and student
  • Next... the swinging university student
    [NOTE: there's a chance my memory is weak here]
  • Followed by... the teacher and coach
    [grades 5 to 12, and college, for a total of 42 years!]

And somewhere in there... the family guy

My Canadian family.My Canadian family.

My Thai familyMy Thai family

Did I mention that being a Dad and a Grandpa 
were the BEST events of my life?

My Canadian grandson.My Canadian grandson
My Canadian GranddaughterMy Canadian granddaughter
My Thai granddaughter.My Thai granddaughter


  • My marriage of 34 years had ended.
    [I fear that my skill with romantic relationships was abysmal]
  • I was forced to retire with a minimal pension.
    [Plus, my financial skill was questionable]
  • I had to move to a different city and live with my 90 year old dad, since my finances were so terrible.
    [But this really helped with two things: getting to know my dad, and getting my $$$ problems under control]
    [SPECIAL NOTE: My dad was a teacher as well... maybe genetic??]
  • No close friends.
    [At least, not in the new city]
  • My back aches and other chronic pains kept me from socializing.
    [OMG... these were devastating]

[sucked it up   fixed it   learned the lesson   moved on]

I found the energy to move past all the shit in my life…

How I see myself

Budgeting Genius Maybe not! However, I'm learning to reduce costs, spend wisely... yet... live a high-end lifestyle
  • I found a loving lady partner.
    [I studied relationships after my divorce, especially romantic ones!]
    [SPECIAL NOTE: talk about closing the barn door after the horse is gone]

How I see myself

My Thai partnerLucky in Love Here I am with my Thai partner, Naraphon.
  • My health improved, and my chronic pain mostly disappeared.
    [Another field of study, after retirement... I just HAD to take personal responsibility]

How I see myself

A Sore Loser! Mostly I've lost my "sore" places. I show seniors and baby-boomers "How to Be Sore Losers!"
  • I could move around more easily.
    [I use some mobility aids to help with this]

How I see myself

Seeing My World Differently. I can guide slightly cautious seniors to safe and satisfying travels.
  • I live in my hometown of Calgary during the warm weather, but spend winters as a tourist in Thailand.

How I see myself

Retired in Paradise The view from my condo in Hua Hin, Thailand.
  • I seek meaning to my life
    [I've always been curious about the universe I live in, how it works, what it means, why my life is what it is]

How I see myself

A Curious My World View fits inside the Newtonian and Quantum Universes.
  • I'm a lifetime learner and teacher
    [I have 3 university degrees: B.Sc. B.Ed. M.Sc. and I taught mathematics, computer programming, and computer applications at the college level.]
    [I have an honorary D.D. degree.]
    [Just recently, I received my Level 1 Reiki Certification.]

How I see myself

Clock with mathematical symbols instead of numbers.Nerd I'm sure you'll agree! Only a nerd would use a clock with mathematical symbols instead of numbers!
  • I've moved towards being less conforming, and more of a dissenter
    [Yeah Right!  But after 65+ years of Mr. Straight Arrow, I've sort of become rebellious.]

How I see myself

My full back tattoo that I call An almost Rebel My full back tattoo that I call "Temple Nightmare". It uses imagery from two temples in Thailand; the White Temple in Chiang Rai, and the Dragon Temple southwest of Bangkok. I got this after the age of 70.

At last… I, Garry Worger, was Living The Dream…
and NOT a burden to anyone.

 I would not change any of my life to this point!

"Why", I hear you ask?

  • I am content with where I am NOW.
  • I choose to live in the here and now.
  • I learned tons of good lessons over my lifetime.
  • I am making plans for my future... this website is part of those.
  • I live where I want.
  • I have great friends.

My Canadian family is the "jewel" of my existence.

My Thai family is a great incentive to stay healthy and happy.

My sweet life is interesting, satisfying, full of romance, and awesome!

Let me guide you, sharing my experiences... the good, the bad, and the ugly!
As with any good amigo... I'll lead you safely past the hazards...


How I see myself

AMIGO A Mentor with a Sapper's perspective.

If you're tempted to try out some of those hazards yourself, I'll give you fair warning...


I might tag along with you!

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