A "Nasty" Side Effect

these Back Pain Treatment Machines


I've used four different back pain treatment machines, and they all have provided quick chronic pain relief. Since these are mechanical, there are NO NASTY side effects...
unlike many prescriptions and OTC drugs.

Let me tell you about the #1 choice for back pain treatment machine... worked for me super!
And relieved pain beyond that of my back...

My story: "How the use of this potent back pain treatment machine made a huge difference to my life!"

it’s 2 a.m. and you just HAVE to go to the toilet…

six stairs down from your bedroom...

  • back so sore, you can barely get out of bed…
  • inching your way down those bloody stairs
  • bracing against the wall because your balance sucks big time...
  • one agonizing step… then the next… then the next
  • knees and back screaming the whole way…

AND SOON it’s time to reverse those stairs of torment …

In other words… exactly like I was… in February, 2015, when I was undertaking that dreaded expedition 5 or 6 times a night!

After the third staggering night, I got on the Internet, and looked for solutions…

  • medical devices
  • specific for pain relief
  • with believable testimonials
  • that provided value

One specific back pain treatment machine showed the most promise…
So I committed to that one... my first purchase.

I purchased a medical device utilizing PEMF technology...

PEMF = Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency

This back pain treatment machine,
the iMRS, is
thoroughly researched,
meticulously engineered and painstakingly crafted

by Swiss Bionic Solutions
of Switzerland.

3 minute video testimonial

The iMRS, while providing quick pain relief for some, is more a long-term wellbeing technology.

For me, it was a week before my back pain subsided... and my mobility improved...

This medical device is so potent...
so far reaching...
so important for overall pain relief AND wellbeing...
it requires a webpage all to itself.

Once in a while, however, I still need back pain treatment machines that are
more immediate in their effect.
I found three...

medical devices

BETTERBACK brace/belt

ZERO GRAVITY massage chair

TENS Medical DeviceTENS
Medical Device
Dr. Ho

My "findings"...

I think that a TENS for back pain is
better than chronic pain medications
for chronic back pain management...

it can be used to reduce "spot" pain so effectively,
and there are no side effects.

What is a TENS machine?

TENS = Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

These are portable medical devices, powered by batteries, that use conducting pads placed on the skin.

An electrical current passes between the pads and reduces pain… 

TENS machines have brought me immediate relief from back pain.

I am unsure whether they will have long-term healing effects.

I consider them a great alternative to prescription/OTC pain relief medication, and I’ve not experienced side effects… unlike many of those pills.

Click here to find out more about the two TENS medical devices I use.


My "findings"...

The brace/belt I purchased brought INSTANT relief to my back,
while I was sitting at my computer.

As my muscles became less tense, it forced my back into a better position, my posture improved, and my back felt waaaaay better.

What is a BETTERBACK brace?

The main back support is a large belt that is positioned over the lower spine. This is connected via straps to two knee pads.

When the device is in position, and the straps tightened, the knees force the pad to make the spine more upright... no slouching here!

I found that any sore back was immediately helped.

There's an included gel pack that may be heated or cooled, and inserted in a pouch on the back pad. This provides a further measure of relief.

Click here to find out more about the BETTERBACK brace I use.
[affiliate link]


Massage Chair

My "findings"...

The Titan iMassage EC-362 chair was a major help to me,
when I cracked my L2 vertebrae.

  1. I slept in that chair for over a month, since I was unable to lie down or get up from a normal bed.
  2. I used the airbag settings for a means to relax so I could sleep. I was really afraid of the pain I'd previously experienced.
  3. Now that my cracked vertebrae is no longer an issue, I use the chair to relax my spine, and help relieve the pain in my hips.
  4. My afternoon naps are far more relaxing when I have a 15 minute session on the chair, lying back and snoozing.

What is a ZERO GRAVITY massage chair?

The massage chair is controlled by never-get-lost device that resembles a TV controller, with lots of buttons and options.

You can

  • choose your level of tilt
    [Upright decreasing to Horizontal]
  • choose one of 11 different massage possibilities
    3 airbag massages [Butt, Foot, Calves]
    5 types of massage [Kneading, Tapping, Dual, Swedish, Rolling]
    3 combination massages [Relax, Therapy, Air]
  • choose level of massage intensity
    [Low, Medium. Intense]
  • choose width of massage along your spine
    [Narrow, Normal, Wide]
  • choose where the massage occurs along your spine
  • choose to do a spot massage
  • choose to pause the massage and continue later

Click here to find out more about the Zero Gravity Massage Chair I use.


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