Plan your Chiang Mai vacation… or MAYBE… your retirement... everything you need to know!

Created for those who are thinking about a trip to the exotic Orient… SE Asia! 
Or those who wonder if it’s worth visiting. IT IS!
Or maybe those who are seeking a retirement paradise… this mountain city in Northern Thailand is as close as I’ve found!

I’ve fallen head-over-heels with this part of the world, and want you to understand why I’m such a promoter of visiting or living here.

A guide to the real Chiang Mai, the good and the bad/ugly

  • Written by a Canadian expat who has been returning to Thailand… 6 months every year… for over a decade…
  • Living pretty well 6 months full time in Chiangmai for the last 5 years….
  • Guiding friends and family who visit me to the lesser known treasures nearby… and the more popular  eateries, places and adventures so beloved by tourists…

Did I mention the bad and ugly

Got to admit… 

  • some rip-off places that are frustrating to visit
    I"ll guide you past these
  • occasional scams pop up
    I'll warn you what to be wary of
  • unintelligible government regulations that once in a while trip up visitors
    I put warnings about these in my Newsletter
  • cultural peculiarities that are hard to understand!
    I've got a webpage about these, and Newsletter Subscribers can download my Report about these

Did I mention that I love being here? 

  • there are so many exotic things to eat, to see and to do! 
  • It’s safe… if you’re sensible!
  • It’s friendly… Thailand is known as The Land of Smiles
  • It’s warm!
    I originally came here to leave Canadian winters behind.
A good tradeoff
Warm all year around

I trade Alberta snow storms for Thai beach resorts... a great tradeoff!

The Chiang Mai GPS travel guide contains everything I’ve discovered during my five plus years… AND… includes tips from others who have been here…

Information and a sense of adventure are all you need to have an amazing time.

I can provide the first, and help you navigate the quests that you tackle.

How to navigate around the Chiang Mai GPS Travel Guide

Thailand information


  • Where is Thailand located?
  • What about the weather in Thailand?
  • What's the cost of living in Thailand?
  • What is Thai massage?
  • Should an older guy use Thai dating sites to find a companion?
  • Will I be able to eat food in Thailand?

Thailand Location

Weather in Thailand

Cost of living in Thailand

Massage in Thailand

Thai dating

Food in Thailand [soon!]

Chiang Mai information


  • Where is Chiang Mai located?
  • What is Chiang Mai weather like?
  • Will I like Chiang Mai food?


Chiang Mai Location and Chiang Mai Weather

I already told you I left Canadian winters behind, and spend time in Thailand, mostly in Chiang Mai.

Here's why I love the weather.

Chiang Mai food

Ah yes... the food in Chiang Mai! 

I look forward to all my meals... and I'm seldom disappointed.

One of the highlights of my daily feasting is the Christmas Eve Buffet at the Kantary Hills Hotel.

Warmest regards,

Garry Worger
Your GPS guide
[Garry Provides Suggestions]

p.s. You'll love the exotic Orient. Let me be your GPS and you can navigate to all the great resources in this Thai city.