Miss the Christmas Eve Buffet at the Kantary Hills hotel? 

I've mostly attended the Christmas Eve Buffet at the Kantary Hills Hotel over the past 5 years!

It’s pricey, but a great treat for my Thai family and friends.

In 2017, I tried to book in late November, but there was “no room at the Inn”, and I had to make do with a Christmas Day buffet at another hotel.

That one was... OK... but not up to the Christmas Eve Buffet, Kantary Hills...
[cheaper, though]

So for the 2019 event, we booked in early November.

The cost was 1800 baht per adult… about $75 CAD… and included gratuities and taxes.

The universe willing, and the Canadian $ not further collapsing… I’ll do it again next year.

Here's my Thai family at the hotel.

Back row [L to R] Well, Bee, A
Front Row [L. to R.] Lun, Stuart, Garry

The hotel set up.

Entry way to buffet area

Outside dining area

Decorations and view of inside dining area

Appetizer and drink area

Thai flower art in a water bowl

Table setting

Food available at the Hotel Christmas Eve Buffet.

Salads and Hot Dishes
Inside seating area

Appetizers and nibblies

Fresh Fruit Skewers

Clockwise from 12 o'clock
Pate on toast, Salmon aspic, Gherkin pickles, Avocado salad, Peasant bread

Appetizer table


French Onion Soup

Pumpkin Soup

Cold cuts and salads

Bottom right to Top left
Cheese plate, Cold cuts, Fresh fruit, Fresh salad vegetables

Cold cuts

Appetizers and salads

Fruit salad

And some bread to scoop it up...

The Christmas Buffet, Kantary Hills Hotel has some REAL Christmas goodies.

Turkey and roasted vegetables

Baked Ham

Beef and roast vegetables

Beef, Yorkshire Pudding, roast vegetables
A few people believe it was a tad on the rare side!

Other main course foods

Seafood table

Brussels sprouts

Curried beef

Whole baked fish with pineapple

Pork and vegetable skewers

Roast pork

Roast potatoes

Fried rice with seafood

Mongolian Food table... made to order

Pasta table... made to order

Desserts... delightful decadence!

Christmas pudding with sauce

Dessert table

More desserts

After supper relaxation food

Cheese plate and Irish coffee, with cookies from Santa at top of picture.

The Kantary Hills Hotel had draws for gifts

Lun wins a Teddy Bear

Our group also won a t-shirt, an insulated lunch pack, and a gift certificate for 2 to The Friday buffet at the hotel.

In summary:
-it's a classy event
-great venue
-the food is varied, plentiful, and tasty
-free-flowing booze if you wish

Good value...
even if pricey by Chiang Mai standards.

P.S. Santa and his elf brought cookies for everyone.