Cleanse body toxins...
THE critical Baker's Dozen strategies for pain relief and overall wellbeing

It's tough to completely cleanse body toxins, since no matter where you are on Gaia, Mother Earth... there is toxic pollution!

Surrounded by toxins!
Cleanse your body of toxins.

You are a complex physiological and emotional “biochemical plant”,
whose raw materials are:

  • What goes into your stomach
    and makes its way into your body
  • What you inhale
    and makes its way into your body
  • What you absorb through your skin
    and makes its way into your body
  • What emotional stressors impact your body,
    resulting in a “storm” of  chemicals into your blood
  • What unseen forces impact your cell health
    reducing your body's ability to operate efficiently
  • What lifestyle habits impact your overall health
    resulting in depleted energy, reduced brain function and a "sad" body

Some of those “raw materials” are healthy
Others are dangerous toxins

It’s time for you to
identify and reduce the toxic junk...
cleanse body toxins as much as possible...

It’s time for you to
identify and increase
those that are healthy.

General ill health and Chronic pain…
pain that traditional medicine can no longer help…
is made worse by the body toxins
that "poison" you.

  • non-nutritious food
  • deadly drugs
  • poor lifestyle
  • hazardous chemicals
  • invasive electrical fields [electro-smog]
    [aka "WiFried"]
  • emotional [psychological] "trauma"

Cleanse body toxins...
"The 13 Strategies"

2 Strategies to Overcome The Effects Of
Non-Nutritious Food

HERE'S an unfortunate "truth"!

There is FOOD.

There is JUNK!

There is no such thing as "junk food". 

Junk food, IMHO, is a marketing ploy used by FOR-PROFIT FOOD COMPANIES to lull us into thinking there is some nutrition in those non-foods.

There are toxins in junk food, poisonous to your body.

Cleanse Body Toxins Strategy #1:
Stop eating so much sugar

This book by Robert Lustig was the one that finally and completely convinced me that I needed to significantly reduce my sugar intake.

The big issue is the fructose in so many of our Western Diet foods. Lustig says, "We are frucked!".

Here some videos, based on Lustig's research.

Click the picture to find out more

This book is likely in your local library. It's worth having around as a reference [IMHO], so I've provided a link to Amazon where you can buy it.

these are affiliate links

Strategy #2:
Start a "Mindful Eating" Routine.

  • My preference is the Auto Immune Paleo eating pattern.

Affiliate link

  • Choose organic food
    [although the term "organic" has been perverted by the for profit food industry, who will often use the term “natural” to imply “Organic”]

good info on organic for readers in the USA

  • Worried about GMO foods?

Check information on this database.

Two strategies to overcome the effects of
Deadly Drugs

Here's another "truth".

Conventional medicine is at its best at the extremes of a medical condition:

  • the start of an acute disease
  • severe trauma
  • a life-threatening condition

However, with chronic diseases,
conventional medicine tends to look at symptoms, only.
What chronic pain sufferers need is someone to look for
root causes... 
That approach requires a functional medicine practitioner.

Cleanse Body Toxins Strategy #3:
Wean yourself off medicines that no longer work and/or have side effects worse than what they are supposed to cure.

doctor with needle"Let's see if this one will work!"
Research, take notes, make comparisons, make choices.

Strategy #4: 
Do your own due diligence, and request/demand/obtain medication that will "attack" the root cause[s] of your chronic pain.

Two strategies to overcome the effects of
Poor Lifestyle

Ancient Roman politicians catered to voters by providing "bread and circuses", namely free grain and cheap entertainment at different coliseums.

The cynics amongst us, now, [me, for instance] believe that fast food, TV, video games, and the like are being used to stupefy and keep the populace subdued... a modern version of the ancient practice.

Cleanse Body Toxins Strategy #5:
STOP sitting on your butt, eating junk, smoking cigarettes, and boozing too much,while you watch TV, or play video games,or spend too much time on your mobile phone and/or computer.

Lousy Lifestyle Layabout!

Strategy #6:
Do as many of these as you can

Start an exercise program
Read actual books
Visit your local library!
MeditationLearn to meditate

Two strategies to overcome the effects of
Hazardous Chemicals

We live in a noxious stew of man-made chemicals. I read an estimate that we are exposed to over 50,000 a day... and the count grows all the time.

Just think of all of these that we eat, breathe, bathe in, put on, clean our houses, etc. etc. etc.

Many of these have never been tested for their level of toxicity for humans.

Cleanse Body Toxins Strategy #7:
Identify and minimize your exposure to dangerous chemicals 

House and garage dangerous chemicalsHouse and garage dangerous chemicals
toxins in cosmeticsToxins in cosmetics
Household cleaners are toxicHousehold cleaners are toxic
Lousy Air QualityLousy Air Quality is especially debilitating to health!
And inside your home is often worse than what is outside.

Strategy #8:
Choose safer alternatives and ensure you are breathing good air.

Household Cleaners


Use electronic air purifiers, with multiple filters, for clearing the air in rooms.

Hitachi A3000 indoor air filterI use the Hitachi A3000 indoor air filter in my small apartment when I live in Thailand.
Rabbit Air MinusA2 Inside Air CleanerFor my apartment in Canada, I use the Rabbit Air MinusA2 Inside Air Cleaner.
It is powerful enough to keep my 1000 sq. ft. place free of noxious air.

Use a high quality face mask to filter outside air.

Two strategies to overcome the effects of

I have written several pages, elsewhere on this site, about electro-smog.

The short video, on the right, explains about electro-smog.

If something has electricity flowing... it produces electro-smog.

One of the "sneaky" electro-smog sources is WiFi, now renamed as WiFried!

Cleanse Body Toxins Strategy #9:
Minimize Your Exposure To Electro-Magnetic Radiation [good, but scary, info here]

Mobile phonesMobile phones are dangerous
Any bluetooth deviceAny bluetooth device gives off dangerous Electro-Magnetic radiation.
"High tension" power lines... do your best to not live near them

Strategy #10:
Use a PEMF medical device

Two strategies to overcome the effects of
Emotional Trauma

Faces of emotion

Does your stomach ache, and your head hurt when something bothers you emotionally?

Is there someone who always "stresses you out" whenever you encounter them?

Do you get almost physically ill when you have to visit the boss... because you just know that it will be unpleasant?

Cleanse Body Toxins Strategy #11:
As much as possible... and this is tough to do... rid yourself of these emotional stressors. 
HOWEVER, I know that as long as you are around others, there will be people and situations that will "traumatize" you.
Minimize your time with these.

traffic stressDoes terrible traffic drive you nuts?
Miserable peopleDo cantankerous people bug you?

Strategy #12:
Try these 3 possibilities for stress reduction... although the first is likely not possible!

Strategy #13:
Take action now!

Take action NOW!

Choose any ONE strategy. Just get started!

A Zen Buddhist Master said, "The way you do anything is the way you do everything."

One of my mentors, the late Lew Tice, put it this way, "If it is to be... it is up to me!"

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