Dating Seniors
Advice from Garry…. aka “THE SINGLE GRANDPA”

TIPS for dating seniors,
aimed at old guys, willing to travel to Thailand... who want a romantic relationship... long term!'m biased toward Thai ladies, since I have found Thailand to be an amazing place to find a Sweet, Caring, & Passionate partner.

This picture is of my Thai partner of 5 years. It was taken during a trip to Australia.

She was 53 years old at the time.

She is the epitome of a special Thai lady... caring, passionate, loyal... a great helpmate.
[But no pushover... she stands up, vigorously, to my occasional "nonsense". I have learned to be much more judicious in my time with her!]

She's the best therapeutic massage specialist I've ever met.

While visiting her shop for several weeks, when I was going through a bad time with my health and mobility, we realized we liked each other, started dating, and finally decided to become serious partners.

Dating Seniors Tip #1:
"Private Dancer"
by Stephen Leather.

“What would be the point?” I hear you ask.

This book is absolutely the best introduction to what could go wrong with dating a Thai lady… especially one of the cynical sex-trade types. 

Mind you, the hero [?] is a particularly stupid, bull-headed, and unobservant guy… but I sincerely believe the book should be required reading for every single male visiting Thailand.

More about Private Dancer

Dating Seniors Tip #2:
Do not fall in love with the first Thai lady who gives you a Hot Oil Massage.

"Why not?" I hear you ask.

Well, 99% of the time a Hot Oil Massage is a code word for 60-120 minutes of sex... and while these ladies are

  • young
  • beautiful
  • complimentary
    ["OOOO, you so big and strong!"]
  • cynical
    [which you won't find out for a long time]
  • uncaring
    [what the hell, they get 2000+ Baht for relieving you of some bodily fluids... no "love" here!]

They make poor relationship material.

Let me revise Tip #2:

A story...

A buddy of mine comes to Thailand for 3 weeks every year.
He finds a gorgeous massage/bar girl and hooks up with her, paying quite a hefty price for her "attention".
That time together is a perfect "relationship" for him.

He has no regrets, nor any STD...
the latter, I believe, is more good luck than good judgement.

Works for him...
but it’s not what I consider a romantic relationship

HOWEVER… both he and his lady consider this a win-win.
He gets lots of passion and attention, and she gets lots of money.

Dating Seniors Tip #3:
Pick a potential partner over the age of 30 years.

"Why over 30?" I hear you ask.

For some peculiar reason, many Thais [especially males] consider any Thai lady over 30 to be "too old"... and that attitude often rubs off on the 30 something lady.

Pretty well all the Thai lady friends I had told me they were "too old" when we got around to discussing ages.
[NOTE: most of them ALSO shaved about 5 years off their age!  But that's a universal female characteristic, as far as I can ascertain!]

My personal response to this "I'm too old" syndrome is... "HA! You are just a baby!" I can do this because all my Thai "relationships" have been with ladies 25+ years my junior. And they look 35 years younger...

So, two reasons to look for some lovely lady over 30...
FIRST, they will just love that you find them young and beautiful.
SECOND, they will have enough life experience to be good companions, and not cellphone addicts.

[A BONUS REASON... many of them fear they will never have sex again... leading to a further win-win...]

Dating Seniors Tip #4:
Run for the nearest exit, if they ask for money right away.

“Why is this a danger signal?” I hear you ask.

It’s OK to pay for outings, meals, holidays for a month or so… maybe even top up their salary, since they may be away from work.

I’ve found that ladies who ask for cash beyond what I mentioned are too damned mercenary for my liking.

Be TRIPLE CAUTIOUS if they need money for

  • family medical problems,
  • debts,
  • GOLD! 

Lies, all lies!

Dating Seniors Tip #5:
Once you are convinced that there’s the potential for a romantic relationship, negotiate the “terms” of your time together.

“What kinds of things should we discuss?” I hear you ask.

  • Family support
    [this will come up, and mostly it’s legitimate… it’s what Thai ladies do for their family]
  • Living costs
    [food, clothing, entertainment, travel]
  • Where you’ll live
  • Whether she will work
  • Who can live with you
    [watch out for adult male “cousins” who want to live with you… another scam!]

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