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Your donations support the collective mission of
Sister A Thai Massage, Chiang Mai and

PainReliefCanada and Sister A Massage, Chiang Mai, are a combined Social Enterprise Organization: a revenue-generating business with a mission twist:

  • low-key social activism first and
  • profits second...

We have two goals for our mission:

  1. to achieve positive human outcomes in the areas of community and economics
    [culture and environment are 2 other possible areas of focus]
  2. to earn revenue, via clients of Sister A’s Thai Massage business, donations, and affiliate revenue from PainReliefCanada.com.

We distribute 50% of profits to further community and economic goals.

Sister A has chosen to support young women in her community [Chiang Mai, Thailand] to help them economically, for the time being via her partner’s pension income.

She provides support for a 6 year old, and a 19 year old at present. [January 2019]

She knows of an 13 year old young lady whose personal circumstances are "problematic" and she will be the next recipient of assistance, money permitting.

When monetary circumstances are better, she'll enquire amongst her Thai contacts for others requiring support.

Sister A suspects she shall be overwhelmed by the need, and disturbed by the situations of some of the young ladies referred to her.