A haiku about love

A haiku about love...

A Bald, Old, Retired College Math Prof Muses About “New Relationships and Love”

New relationships 
are a conundrum for me. 
Is this really love?   

How to measure love? 
How does it really play out? 
My mind overloads.     

Does lust equal love? 
Love equals fluid exchange! 
That’s not even close.  

I’m truly a nerd; 
I’ll develop a theorem… 
Love’s mathematics. 

Garry’s Love Theorem: 
“Love’s The Union of Two Souls” 
Nah… that’s too banal.   

Calculating love 
Just doesn’t work.  I’ll rethink
 the precise meaning.   

I’ll narrow it down. 
Spiritual and physical… 
Full of emotion!  

That’s romantic love. 
Now I’ve focused the intent 
of this ode to love. 

Love manifests thus...
One's soul nurtures another

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