Many baby-boomers and seniors can live out their lives in health and contentment...

While chronic pain, poor mobility, lingering fatigue, and illness often hold back others.

Can you relate? 

Do you despair that you'll ever be healthy enough, mobile enough, pain free, and have ample energy to once again savour life?

I felt much the same several years ago...

I found a "magic" medical device that turned my life around. It was the iMRS medical device, from Swiss Bionic Solutions... the ultimate PEMF Mat

I went from Despair to Delight!
and in less than a month

It uses PEMF healing technology.

Definition of iMRS
iMRS = intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation

Definition of PEMF
PEMF Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields

WARNING... this is kind of a loooooong webpage.

"WHY?" I hear you ask.

"Because there's a ton of stuff to tell you about the medical device that made such a huge difference in my life!"

I tell people that I went from DESPAIR to DELIGHT in under a month...

IF you want to read the whole page, in order, scroll down and dig in. 

On the other hand, if you have special interest in the topics, below, find a section that interests you, and spend time on the details there...

My story: "How I Found the Solution to My Chronic Aches, Fatigue, Lousy Mobility, and Just Plain Feeling Old!"



Will I be cursed with this unending pain... forever?

In the early months of 2015, I lived in a condo apartment in Hua Hin, Thailand.

I was in agony from a cracked vertebrae, and was virtually immobile.

Worse yet, I had to negotiate 6 stairs several times a night to get from my bed to the toilet.

I absolutely had to take action!

I went online and looked for some "fabulous something" that would take away the pain.

It took a lot of Google searches, before I found a likely medical device that used PEMF technology.



Is this a scam... a deceitful technology?

It was called the iMRS, and used PEMF healing technology.

It was listed and regulated as a legitimate medical device by over 20 countries. [Canada, USA, EU]

There were testimonials galore.

Light at end of tunnelIs this the light at the end of the tunnel?


I purchased one, had it sent FedEx to me in Thailand, and started using it immediately.

"Hey, Garry", I hear you ask. "Did it work?"



Short answer... "Yup! It bordered on miraculous for me."

Here's how my life changed, my mobility improved, and my pain went away:

After 2 weeks,

  • I could negotiate those stairs with no problem
  • I could do water walking for 1/2 hour
  • my lower back no longer laid me out with horrible spasms

After 3 weeks, I visited Sea World in Bangkok, and was able to walk through for 3 hours with no back pain, no knee pain and no hip pain.

I was so happy that I purchased a second one to have in Canada.

My buddy Dave visited me in Canada in 2017, and I urged him to try 1/2 hour on the iMRS.

Dave's storyDave Y. from Canberra, Australia.


I live in Australia, and love it, but I like to come back to Canada, my birth place, to visit friends and family and see how things have changed.
One thing that has changed… no matter where I am… is my pain and mobility issues! Now that I’m beyond 75, I sure do hurt and hobble about…
I visited Garry in Calgary in September 2017, and noticed that he was whining a lot less about all his aches. And he seemed more spry.
He gave credit to his iMRS medical device. Of course, I was sceptical, but I thought, “What the hell… at the worst, it will be a nice snooze”, and got hooked up.
At the end of the ½ hour session, my leg and knees had plain quit hurting.
It was like a miracle how the pain went away. 
For sure, my MD, pain killers, and massages hadn’t done anywhere near that.
So, I bought an iMRS system, and took it back to Australia.
I use it several times a week, and I’m finding that my health is getting better, not to mention my improved mobility and the lessening of pain. 
Another HUGE benefit is that a 20 minute session, just at bedtime, means I sleep better, longer… and wake up refreshed… A great buy!

For me, Garry, it took 2 weeks to notice a huge difference.
For Dave, it was a 30 minute session.
For a lady cousin... she got NO relief after 6 months of using one. I have no idea why the iMRS didn't work for her.

And here's the lesson!
No ONE method will work for everyone!

Why I chose the iMRS PEMF medical device from Swiss Bionic Solutions
[and rejected all the rest]

Here are the four main reasons I chose the iMRS from the multitude of PEMF medical devices I found online.
I, naturally enough, had some big concerns... I was spending big bucks, and I needed results...

#1: My biggest worry: Was this a scam?
Over 20 different countries [Canada, USA, members of the EU] listed and regulated the iMRS as a legitimate medical device.

To get this government endorsement meant some really fussy and skeptical government agencies had rigorously assessed the iMRS, from Swiss Bionic Solutions, and  had found that it was worthy of official listing and regulation as a medical device


  • the science was legitimate, and health benefits were proven
  • the technology was painstakingly designed and meticulously engineered
  • the manufacturing process was world class as evidenced by further certification
    [CSA, UL, EN ISO13485]
  • the product worked

The Main Reason I Chose The iMRS PEMF Medical Device
[and rejected all the rest]

The German and Swiss devised iMRS is a  medical device,
listed and regulated by over 20 countries,
unlike the competition whose products cannot attain government endorsement. 
Swiss Bionic Solutions research, innovation, engineering, manufacturing excellence, effectiveness, and world-wide service set them apart.

I realized that the iMRS was not a scam, and that set my mind at ease...
[even though the price made me gulp!]

More on the price, further down this page...

#2: Another worry: Does it work?

#3: Is it based on something ridiculous like voodoo?
Legitimate Research Based

Warning: not all research about PEMF is legitimate!

I use articles from the US Government Research Database, PUBMED, only, because...

  • these are peer-reviewed studies
  • they are legitimate scientific research
  • they are not industry-based pseudo-science

One issue about many of these studies that I've noticed... they DO NOT specify the physical parameters of the PEMF devices they are using.

You can read in the SCIENCE section, further down this webpage, why this is problematic.

Before I purchased, I spent some time on PubMed which lists legitimate scientific research from around the world, published in peer-reviewed journals.

I was astounded at the number of research articles with PEMF as a topic.
[I found 603 on Feb. 28, 2019]

There are over 100 categories of disease and injury "issues" that have legitimate research studies on PubMed.

Things like

  1. arthritis
  2. cancer
  3. diabetes
  4. pain relief
  5. wound healing

#4: Can I customize the iMRS PEMF medical device for my specific health problem... easily?
The iMRS has over 280 pre-programmed "health issues" so users can quickly use the optimum settings for their own health.

If you or a loved one suffers from issues like these...

  • allergies
  • Alzheimer's
  • back pain
  • cancer
  • diabetes
  • IBS
  • obesity
  • stress
  • wound healing

the iMRS is programmed with the optional iGUIDE module, for optimum health and healing benefits.
[iGUIDE definition: the intelligent GUIDE, an optional built-in module with over 280 pre-programmed optimized healing settings.]

p.s. I wonder if forward-thinking medical practitioners could use the iMRS, with the iGUIDE, to very quickly choose the optimum settings for their many patients? 

underlying the iMRS medical device

[Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields]

In this instance [healing], PEMF refers to the natural PULSED ELECTRO-MAGNETIC FIELDS of the earth; a combination of the geomagnetic field of the earth and its frequencies, along with the Schumann Resonance of the Ionosphere.

These natural pulsed vibration energies of the earth, sustain us, nurture us, and protect us from solar winds, cosmic rays, etc.

These are ESSENTIAL for life, just like food, water, sunshine and oxygen.

The US Government National Aeronautic and Space Administration [NASA]  identified these vibrations as critical to the health of returning astronauts. 

NASA uses PEMF devices for astronauts, both in space… for health protection… and back on earth to restore body functionality.

Modern science and technology now have developed PEMF devices that simulate and duplicate the earth’s natural frequencies.

PEMF and your bodyTHE iMRS PEMF medical device approved by over 20 countries, reduces pain and promotes wellbeing..

How PEMF works

PEMF is the “battery” that keeps all the 70 Trillion + cells in your body charged at an optimal level allowing all your cells to maximize

  • oxygen transfer,
  • water transfer,
  • nutrient transfer
  • as well as elimination of waste products.

Poor science used in some PEMF research.

If the following characteristics of PEMF devices used in research are NOT specified, then the results are suspect!

Frequency Range
This is the time between peaks on the PEMF wave, and is the amount of energy in a range. It's measured in Hz [Hertz]

The body healing ideal is 0.1 – 25 Hz [= 1/10 cycle/sec to 25 cycles/sec]

This is Mother Earth’s Pulse frequency range, and it is virtually identical to measured Brain Wave Frequencies
[1 – 25 Hz]

Intensity of the pulse [= strength of the PEMF, measured in watts/meter^2]

Waveform = frequency pattern

  1. sinusoidal
    [least useful for healing]
  2. square
    [NASA found this useful for healing]
  3. saw-tooth
    [NASA found this useful for healing]

Duration= minutes of treatment

Three 8-minute sessions per day are optimal with the iMRS.

However, for home use, longer sessions produce meditation effects, and users often prefer longer times.

So, why is it important for you to know about this?
[the BIG reason most of us need to use PEMF healing devices, daily]

Most people seem aware that oxygen, water, food and sunlight are critical for health. 

However, since the advent of space travel, Earth’s gravity and magnetic fields have also been identified as critical.

Yuri Gagarin was the first human to journey into outer space and completed an orbit of the earth in 1961. When he returned from this flight to earth, he suffered from depression, bone loss, muscle degeneration, decreased metabolism and impaired perception. 

Since that historic flight, “Zero Field Studies” have confirmed that unless living cells are exposed to a pulsed magnetic field, they die within hours.

Without exposure to the the earth's magnetic field humans cannot survive. 

I call this “Mother Earth’s Pulse”!

So what’s the problem? I’m not an astronaut!” I hear you say.

In the past 30 years, with the advent and proliferation of biologically incompatible manmade frequencies (referred to as “electro-smog” and “Wi-Fry”), our health has come under siege. 

There is a worldwide increase in stress, depression, insomnia, autoimmune disorders, chronic pain and cancer. 

While it’s obvious to thinking persons, such as we are,
that there are multiple contributors to these health issues,
"electro-smog" is a significant source

Major Electro-Smog Sources

5G Tower5G Tower
Bluetooth DevicesBluetooth Devices
WiFi ConnectionsWiFi Connections aka WiFry
Mobile phonesMobile phones

But who, in this modern world, wants to give these up?No-one I think!

The iMRS PEMF medical device is the ultimate technology
for reducing the toxic effects of electro-smog.

Here are 2 videos that describe the electro-smog problem.

A short "cartoon" video that
summarizes the
electro-smog problem.

A longer video
by Dr. Magda Havas
of Trent University in Ontario, Canada.

The US Navy identified symptoms of electro-magnetic pollution, in the mid-70s of the last century.

It is also a reality that this ever-increasing electro pollution is interfering with the low-level natural electro-magnetic field of the earth, which is so vital to our health. 

Artificial frequencies (electro-smog) disturb and interfere with natural frequencies 

Construction density interferes with the Earth Magnetic Field.


Important metabolic processes in our body 
are being reduced and compromised.


I recommend the iMRS from Swiss Bionic Solutions

The iMRS mimics the natural PEMF of the earth, and thereby negates the effects of

  • Electro-smog
  • PEMF shielding via concrete, pavement ETC.

What benefits will you get?
[you too can live up-beat and NOT beat-up!]

You will feel healthier

  • Relieve pain
  • Restore mobility

You will feel younger

  • Rejuvenate your body
  • More “get up and go

You will heal faster

  • Regenerate broken bones
  • Repair damaged tissues

You will recover faster

  • Recuperate from physical exertion

You will sleep better

  • Reduce fatigue

Is buying something expensive off the Internet giving you a stomach ache,
and you wish there was more evidence that this works?

The research, design, engineering, and manufacturing is German and Swiss… 
-designed and manufactured to last
--engineered to be safe
---works wherever you are

[and a whole lot of answers]

What do regulating bodies say about PEMF?

The US Government Food and Drug Administration [FDA] has recommended PEMF therapy devices for six conditions.

  • Healing of non-union fractures [1979]
  • Muscle stimulation [1998]
  • Urinary incontinence [1998]
  • Cervical fusion patients at high risk of non-fusion [2004]
  • Depressed people [2006]
  • Anxiety sufferers [2006]

The following countries have recommended PEMF medical devices...

  • Canada has accepted PEMF devices for several uses.
  • Israel has accepted PEMF devices for migraine headaches.
  • The EU has accepted the use of PEMF therapy to aid in recovery from degeneration and trauma and treat a range of motion issues.
  • PEMF therapy devices have been mostly used in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria to treat cancer.

The overwhelming evidence is that PEMF does indeed work,
so you can be assured it's not a scam.

Is it safe?

  • The iMRS uses earth level frequencies, not ones like dangerous electro-smog,
    so your health is not compromised.
  • It’s ironic that PEMF medical devices use electrical power, when electro-smog is the major cause of related health problems, but the iMRS minimizes that by converting the dangerous AC to safer DC right at the plug-in level,
    so you don't have to worry about electro-smog from your medical device.
  • Intensities that are too strong… electro-smog… cause health problems, but the research-based iMRS earth-level intensity strengths have healing potential,
    so you can be confident this is not harmful.

Is it quality engineered?

  • The iMRS uses a coil structure for field generation, as opposed to grid,
    so it lasts longer
  • The iMRS uses a coil layout designed to mimic the Earth’s resonance,
    so cell health is optimized
  • The iMRS delivers 2 wave forms,
    so fast healing is promoted
  • The iMRS uses 110/220 voltage, with multiple plugs for different sockets,
    so it’s easy to customize for the country you’re in
  • "Mother Earth’s Pulse" has stronger intensities at ground level, and these diminish quickly with height and the iMRS mimics these with lesser intensities at the head end of the mat,
    so you can be assured it's safe… yet still powerful enough for healing purposes.

Are there other healing technologies in the iMRS?

  • While PEMF is potent, there are other health technologies that complement it, such as “brain entrainment”, which is a unique part of the iMRS experience… a sound and light “brain spacalled the iSLRS
    so your PEMF healing experience is further enhanced.
    [iSLRS definition: intelligent Sound & Light Relaxation System]
  • The time of day influences how your body reacts, so the iMRS has a built in “Circadian Rhythm” feature that optimizes intensities,
    so you are ensured optimum benefits from your session… no matter when you use the mat.

Your body “gets used to” healing methods that repeat without change
an issue with many competitors…

  • the iMRS reverses polarity every 2 minutes, to negate habituation,
    so your body gets the same potent benefits each time you use the mat
  • The iMRS uses a Heart Rate Variability attachment that customizes the intensities according to your body needs, called the iMORE,
    so habituation is reduced, and healing is optimized.
    [iMORE definition: interactive MOnitoring & REgulation]

Is the iMRS the only medical device produced by Swiss Bionic Solutions?

Swiss Bionic Solutions [SBS] produces 3 different medical devices: two for humans and one for animals, with different configurations for each.


  • iMRS: The culmination of over 20 years of research and development, the iMRS is SBS's flagship PEMF system and is a CERTIFIED MEDICAL DEVICE with Health Canada, the FDA and the EU.
    It has three different configurations with the following included features.


  • The Omnium1 is the world’s first PEMF PORTABLE SYSTEM with:
    - Android Tablet Control Unit
    - Battery-Power
    - Full Body Mat
    so you’ll enjoy greater treatment flexibility, because you can use the Omnium1
    -- anytime
    -- anywhere

  • The Omnium1 has:
    - the same iMRS Frequencies, and
    - the same iMRS Intensities and
    - the same iMRS Waveforms and
    so you can be confident you’ll have identical benefits:
    -- health
    -- quality
    -- service
    -- value

It has four different configurations with the following included features.



  • Intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation (iMRS) has been professionally used in the veterinary field for decades for a wide range of health conditions. 
  • An additional growing application is the use for race and show horses as well as with livestock.


  • Accompanying and supportive with a wide range of disease patterns
  • Prevention
  • Improvement of regeneration and relaxation
  • Activation of metabolic processes and overall vitality
  • Deepening of breathing
  • Support of healing processes
  • Performance enhancement
iMRS FaunaThe iMRS Fauna Area Applicator acts as a healing wall beside the animal via suspension hardware, and the Leg Applicator wraps around the leg. There is also a Probe Applicator for localized applications.

Is customer service a priority?

  • You have likely had experience with purchases that just did not work! The iMRS has a one month rental program
    [North America and EU, only]
    so you can have peace of mind about whether this is right for you.
  • The iMRS PEMF medical device is NOT PURCHASED OVER THE INTERNET. The process is like mailorder,
    so worries about credit card fraud and identity theft are minimized.
  • Since the manufacturer, Swiss Bionic Solutions, is worldwide, [Canada, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong] prices for the iMRS systems are identical, no matter what currency you use,
    so you won't be over-paying if you live outside North America or the EU.
  • If your medical device malfunctions, it is serviced by one of these six offices,
    so time wasted waiting for repairs is minimal.
  • Most PEMF devices are cumbersome, “static”, and hard to work… while the iMRS has video training, is easy to upgrade and is programmable,
    so you save time, stay up-to-date and also customize your experience.
  • If you’re concerned about the reliability of many PEMF products, check out the warranty. Does it match the 3-year iMRS warranty, which can be upgraded to 5 years?
    so more peace of mind about your iMRS decision.

Can I get my money back if the iMRS doesn't work for me?

Swiss Bionic Solutions does NOT offer a return policy.
But WAIT... there's more!
I can "work around" that limitation... anyone who signs up for personal consultation OR the 5-email sequence [these are both lower down on this webpage] can learn what I've come up with...
so if it does not work for you, you won't be out the full cost

Are there any contraindications for use?

YES! The following conditions mean that PEMF devices should not be used, excepting under competent medical care.

  • epilepsy
  • implanted chip
  • pacemaker
  • pregnancy
  • seizure disorder
  • severe hypertension

[I was shocked when I first saw the price]

The PEMF medical device from Swiss Bionic Solutions worked wonders for me... and others...

it is pricey [$3000 US and up]... more expensive than many other PEMF devices...

Mind you...
visits to my MD, lab costs, prescription medicines, and so on...
are awfully 
pricey... not to mention ongoing...
and I got rid of those in this instance!

Still, one lady friend told me, "Nothing can be worth that price!"

I can't argue that cheaper PEMF devices exist. Here's one I found online.

I had no confidence in its engineering, manufacture, or safety. And even $600 is a lot to pay for something that has no government endorsements, and may or may not work.

Another PEMF device, priced at over $20,000 USD.

I cannot find any government endorsements.

It has a poor selection of applicators.

I couldn't find any testimonials.


Garry on his iMRS full body matHere I am doing a session on my iMRS mat.

As of April 2019, the cost [USD] of various configurations of the iMRS medical device was from $3775 to $6545.

Remember how I gulped when I saw the price?

It was so worth it from pain relief, mobility, energy, and wellbeing points of view.

My personal experience convinced me that spending that amount of money

  • was not in vain,
  • was not ridiculous, and
  • was not a mistake!

Cost sharing idea


Supposing several people jointly purchased an iMRS system, and they arranged to use it collectively?

That would spread the cost around... PLUS... spread the healing around!

:  I know of people who purchased several iMRS mats, and opened a Healing Spa.

And now... The Rest of My Story

I returned to Canada in late April, 2015.

I use the iMRS mat, daily for 20 – 30 minutes, ever since.

- No more back problems
- No more knee problems

PLUS... these benefits

  • No more getting up more than 2 times at night to go to the toilet
  • No more Sleep Apnea
  • No more swollen ankles
  • No more allergies, asthma, bronchitis, or pneumonia 
    [a lung sequence that has troubled me since childhood]
  • No more painful ganglion on my left wrist

These were more subtle changes... sort of "sneaked up on me"!

I ascribe these changes to the use of the iMRS mat, since I've not done other things that could account for these health benefits. 

My body is healing itself, since the PEMF is making my cells much more efficient and effective at their purpose.

If you're still reading this... I'm guessing you're curious, you're hoping the iMRS will help with your pain and health problems...
you still aren't sure!

I understand completely!

This is a big $ commitment.

And you're likely suspicious of sales pages on the Internet.

My suggestion is that you fill out the form lower down on the page.

  • personal contact with me, so you can get questions answered
  • more information about everything related to the iMRS, via e-mail
  • dozens of more testimonials
  • details on purchasing

I'm hoping that you'll realize this is not a scam, it works for most people, it will likely make your life better... as it did for all the folk who provided those testimonials.

So why the form?

Yes, I do understand that filling in the form is a bit of a hassle; it's just to make sure I  send goodies and learning to those who want it, and who will benefit from it.

And your information won't be misused for any sneaky purposes. 

I hope you already know that... but I want to reassure you.
Remember what I promised in my privacy policy.
I will not sell, rent, or misuse your information, in any way.

The information is required, so I can send you the relevant details, via email and personal contact, that will allow you to make an informed decision.

When you submit your details, you will also have access to me... to answer questions you might have about the iMRS PEMF medical device.

Fill in the entire form
because I need to get to know you.

NOTE: all fields followed by an asterisk * must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


On the other hand, even though you're interested... maybe sending all that personal info is just too scary... right now.

Try this option...

Sign up, below, for a 5 email information series that provides even more info: research, testimonials, science...

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