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Garry on iMRS matHere I am, on my iMRS mat.
I took action in 2015 to buy the mat... best health decision I ever made!

Take actionYou've got a few decisions to make, now.
Rent and try for one month? or BUY?
And then... which of the several models and
extra-value options do you want?

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My experience

Which type of PEMF device do you want?

The iMRS... the "flagship" model?

The OMNI1... the portable "Android" model?

I chose the iMRS PROFESSIONAL MODEL when I purchased.

That model has all the peripherals:
-iGuide [pre-programmed for over 269 health issues]
-iSLRS [a sound and light brain spa]
-iMORE [customizes your iMRS experience based on your heart rate variability]

"Why you should consider buying right away!"
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"Why you should consider renting right away!"
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The main reason to PURCHASE a Swiss Bionic Solutions PEMF medical device

You already know that these work,
and you want the full benefits right away.


No downside to this decision, that I can see!

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The main reason to RENT a Swiss Bionic Solutions PEMF medical device?

You want to try the Swiss Bionic Solutions medical device to find out
IF it will work for you and other loved ones.


It will cost you US $500 net, if you choose NOT to keep it.
[However, your month's rent and damage deposit are both applied to the price of your rented medical device, once you take action to purchase!]

[Personally I am quite sure that you will love what it does for your wellbeing, and will choose to keep it!]

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