The iMRS components and how they work to improve your wellbeing.

Never too young to use the iMRS

Never too young to use the iMRS

There are 4 types of iMRS components:

  1. applicators
  2. control module
  3. optional modules
  4. power supply


The iMRS and the OMNIUM1 have similar applicators... the means to deliver the PEMF healing potential.


iMRS mat

iMRS full body mat

What this is, how it works, and benefits

The iMRS full body mat is constructed for overall body health and wellbeing. It is designed to be folded into 3 sections.

The "head" part is where the power cord enters the mat, and has a reduced strength of intensity. This mimics the experience of the earth's electro-magnetic pulses, with the head further way from the earth, when someone is upright.

This is subtle, but important...

iMRS mat and coils

iMRS mat is composed of 3-sets of paired coils.
Smaller coils at the head end produce less electro-magnetic intensity.

The mat is what most people experience and use the most.

It uses saw-tooth waves... one of the two most powerful healing patterns of PEMF wave forms... so you get the closest PEMF experience to
Mother Earth's Pulse,
which means you will be safe, yet experience full healing benefits.

Mother Earth's Pulse
is my whimsical name for the earth's
electro-magnetic field.

The OMNIUM1 mat is more portable, since it's lighter, and folds into 6 sections. It also has 6 solid copper coils, one in each of the sections.

In all other respects, it is identical to the iMRS mat.



OMNImat full body mat

the iMRS pillow

The iMRS pillow

The iMRS pillow is used for localized healing applications.

Personally, I put it on my lower back when I work at the computer and allow the device's square waves to work on my vertebrae issues.

NASA identified both square waves and saw-tooth waves as having healing properties, while the more common sinusoidal waves seemed to have no healing effect.

Both of these have 2 solid core coils.



The iMRS probe

The iMRS probe

Personally, I've always been somewhat sceptical of the probe. It's main use has been for very localized applications. It uses the square wave.

I've read elsewhere that it can be used on acupuncture points.

omnispot on elbow

Using the OmniSpot on the elbow shows how well it will act as a local application method.


The OmniSpot has replaced the iMRS probe on the Omnium1




iMRS control module

The iMRS control module is programmed using buttons.

What this is, how it works, and benefits

The iMRS control module uses buttons to access the software controls, and "jacks" to hook up the applicators and peripherals.


Omnium1 control module

Omnium1 control module.
An Android tablet.
Access to the various controls is via a touchscreen.



There are 3 optional modules, and all are available on the iMRS and the OMNI1.

The iGUIDE which is a database of treatment protocols for over 269 different health issues.

The iSLRS which is a sound and light "spa" that uses brain entrainment methods to produce a meditative state, and improve healing.

The iMORE which is a module that customizes the intensity of your session, based on minute-to-minute changes in your Heart Rate Variability.



110-220 V power supply

The iMRS and OMNIUM1 have a 110-220 V power supply with a variety of interchangeable plugs to fit all the world's different electrical plug configurations.


Garry Worger on his iMRS mat.

Here I am having a session my mat. Relaxed, and getting healthy!

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"Built-in" settings for over 269 different health issues using the optional iGUIDE

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