A mobility aids centre for older folks who don't get around well.

This online mobility aids centre focuses on several areas of living.

  • Moving
    [canes, walkers, wheelchairs]
    {all of these make it easier to get from place to place}
  • In the kitchen
    [wheeled chair, item grabber]
    {do kitchen chores with less fatigue, and grab hard to reach objects}
  • In the bathroom
    [hand-held bidet, bidet toilet seat, shower grab bars, high rise toilet seat]
    {cleanliness, safety, ease of use, comfort}
  • Clothing related
    [shoe horn, elastic shoe laces, sock puller]
    {makes getting dressed easier, when it's tough to bend over}
  • Furniture
    [rising seat, rising easy chairs]
    {get in and out of comfortable furniture easily}
  • Massage chairs
    [including zero gravity chairs]
    {get in-home back pain relief}
  • Vehicles
    [beaded seat cushions]
    {pivot easily when entering or exiting your vehicle}

Mobility Walking Aids

adjustable cane

I use a cane more and more frequently.

I started off with a simple, inexpensive aluminum cane that adjusted about 10 cm. in height.

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