The ultimate online business will be created using
Solo Build It [SBI]

How will SBI help you create a profitable online business?

Their online business system works for those who diligently follow the SBI process, using

  • the profit-oriented webpage model
  • the detailed plans and guidance
  • the planning, creation, publishing and money-making tools
  • the free advice from satisfied SBI owners, who are happy to mentor you, and share their expertise
CTPMThis is the guts of the online business system
If you can provide BAM
- Attitude
this system will make you successful.

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It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme,
and it won’t help you quit your day job overnight,

but it's an effective way to generate supplemental income,
commonly a few hundred to a few thousand dollars
per site per month,

and it’s possible to make more than $10K per month
if that’s your goal.

And, since there's a 30-day satisfaction guarantee... 
you can try it risk-free.

There's more to an online business than building a website!

Some people mistakenly assumed that SBI is merely a self-publishing tool to put your own content online, like a blog-hosting service.

That’s only a small part of what SBI does, and it’s not even the most important part. 

So, will SBI work for you as you create an online business?

I’ll do my best to explain what SBI does, so you can decide whether it’s worth your time to use it.

What Is Solo Build-It?

I think the best way to describe SBI is to compare it to a college course in online business, where the class project is to actually create your own income-generating web site.

You’re provided with all the instruction, tools, and materials you need to succeed. 

toolsDon't be overwhelmed with all of this! You'll learn how to use these tools without having to understand what they are all about.

Their suite of tools will handle the technical details for you, 
so you don’t have to become a master web programmer.

You don’t even need to learn [or understand] HTML or use an FTP program.

Everything you need to do can be done online.

You could build an entire SBI site while working from a public library.

SBI teaches you to focus on income-generating activities while building your online business... your website...

It helps you adopt the mindset of an entrepreneur, not merely someone who thinks it’s cool to post their own content on the Internet.

The whole point of SBI is for you to build a website that makes you money.

What to Expect When You Sign Up for SBI
The First 10 Days

Getting familiar with the Action Guide

action guideThe Action Guide is the thorough "curriculum" for your learning.

The first thing that will happen when you sign up for SBI is that you’ll be doing a lot of reading.

You’ll receive their step-by-step Action Guide, which breaks down the actions you need to take day by day. Think of this as your textbook on how to build a successful online business.

The Action Guide is 10 days of activity... BUT... each "day" might be up to 1 month long. For instance, I'm on Day 7, and this site is almost ONE YEAR OLD!

They even have video versions of many of the lessons, so if you’re a visual learner, you can watch instead of read.

Topic Selection and Keyword Search

Once you’ve done some reading and/or video watching, your first real action step will be to brainstorm ideas for your site and research potential topics.

SBI provides a brainstorming tool for you to use as well as keyword research tools. SBI’s brainstorming tool will even help you generate your keyword list.

You’ll investigate keyword supply, demand, and potential profitability.

You’ll be guided to pick a topic that interests you but which can also generate decent income for you. This means you’ll reject ideas for topics that lack demand or already show entrenched competition.

This is a really important process that will help you avoid launching a site that’s doomed from the beginning.

Many bloggers could have saved themselves a lot of grief
if they only took the time to carefully research their topics beforehand.

Monetization strategy... very important!

You’ll be guided to make intelligent choices here to generate multiple streams of income from your site instead of just randomly putting up ads.

What mix of advertising, will work best for the type of site you’re going to build?

  • affiliate programs,
  • product sales,
  • e-commerce,
  • auctions,
  • referral fee,
  • members-only resources,
  • other income sources

Domain name registration.

Once you’ve made all these decisions using the tools and guidance SBI provides, you’re ready to register your domain name. They provide the tools to do this, and your domain name is included as part of your SBI membership, so there are no extra fees.

At this point you’re already up to Day 5 in their Action Guide.

Build the site skeleton.

Now you’ll use their tools to build the framework for your site.

They’ll help you build your

  • About Us,
  • Terms of Use,
  • Disclaimer,
  • Privacy Policy,

and other standard pages, so there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

And you won’t have to worry about making stupid mistakes like broken links.

You’ll also add a very basic amount of content to your site, and you’ll be educated on the important concept of pre-selling.

Early traffic building.

By the end of the first week, you’ll use SBI’s tools to submit your site to various online directories and search engines, so you can start picking up free inbound links immediately.

You’ll also learn a great deal about effective traffic building strategies for the long-term.

Making your site sticky. 

In Week 2 [no matter how long that might take in actual time!] you’ll learn to build relationships with your visitors, so you can create a sticky site with consistent repeat traffic.

You’ll learn about RSS feeds, contact forms, and mailing lists.
SBI provides all the tools you need to add these to your site without having to program them yourself.

Want to offer your visitors a free newsletter?
The whole subscription management service you need is included.

Learning to effectively manage your online business.

The lessons and business-building process continues with learning about

  • search engines,
  • adding images to your site,
  • checking your traffic stats
    (what to look for and how to use it to your advantage).

Making money.
Day 10 is the biggie.

Now you’ll turn your fledgling web site into an income-generating business. This is where you put up the ads, affiliate links, etc. based on the monetization mix you selected earlier. You won’t have much traffic yet, so the income will be minimal at first, but you’ll have what you need in place to start earning money as your traffic grows.


Growing your traffic and income.
After this you’ll continue to refine your site, build out the content, and gradually grow your traffic. In the long run, this is where you’ll spend the most time; you’ll create a solid foundation for future performance.

SBI’s style is very encouraging and motivating.

When you visit their website, that should be obvious.
This isn’t just their sales style — it’s their service style as well.

Even with the tools and guidance they provide, building an online business still requires a significant commitment on your part, so they do what they can to keep you motivated and moving forward toward your goal.

Ongoing advice.

supportSBI provides members-only discussion forums for every part of this process as well as direct customer support,
so if you need additional help or guidance, it’s just a click away.

Their customers are really into co-mentoring, almost to the point of giving each other virtual group hugs. For example, they have a “Submit Site for Review” forum, where you can post a link to your new site and request feedback from other SBIers. This way you can get some extra eyes on your business from people who are much further along than you. 

Since SBI sites tend to be very niche, most members won’t be competitors of yours, so they’re happy to help.


More than 20 universities now teach college courses with SBI, and even more courses are in the works.

SBI gives schools a way to give their business students (such as those in an MBA program) real-world experience in building a functional online business without having to become a master web programmer.

So... it is working for me and lots of others... it could work for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SBI costs about $25/ month! Why shouldn't I build my website with one of the free site providers?

The promise of these is mostly a scam! They do allow you to quickly put together a website... but do NOT tell you how to build a business. You'll waste a lot of time, and not make much cash!


My buddy has built dozens of websites for companies. He'll build me one for a lot less than what SBI charges. What does SBI offer that he can't?

Do those websites your buddy built actually make $$ for the businesses? At the risk of repeating myself...


HOWEVER... if you or a buddy are talented website builders... then use the SBI business model, and build your pages in some more exotic HTML editor. SBI has an upload tool that allows one to upload pages, created elsewhere, into your SBI business website.

How can a retired person create a profitable website... what content would I use?

Visit here to see what others have done.
Most of the successful SBI users have very small niche topics... yet they are profitable business websites.

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