Methods that have worked for me.

Do you have these pain issues?

foot? leg? knee? hip? back? neck? shoulders? arms? hands? head? [migraine]

I can relate to all that!

http://www.seniorgrandpa.comI felt like this!

Sometime in early 2000s, I started to notice a lot of aches and pains starting.

Foot inflammation...

Swollen ankles, especially after a long plane trip...

And, OMG, my knees were in agony...

Plus my back, hips, shoulders, neck and hands...

My life was getting unbearable!

I tried many "traditional" relief methods over a 2 - 3 year period.

But they were short-term solutions, things like

  • prescription drugs for chronic pain
    [but I was fearful of side effects, and becoming addicted]
  • over the counter [OTC] drugs for chronic pain
    [worked sometimes, but mostly brought NO relief]
  • chiropractor for treatment of hip pain
    [this worked well, once I found a chiropractor who paid attention!]
  • massage for foot pain relief
    [once I found a massage therapist this was successful]
  • acupuncture for back pain relief
    [sometimes made a difference, but was inconsistent with results... once again, the ONE who made a difference paid attention to me and what I was experiencing]

I finally expanded my health focus from strictly
relief of chronic pain
to Wellbeing.

And that's when my chronic aches and pains started to abate...
but first...
I had to hit rock bottom.

Since I'm a slow learner... for several years
I had recurring bouts of severe pain,
followed by a few months of manageable pain... repeated too many times in one year...

I've written about my adventures elsewhere.
However, I'll quickly skip to the half dozen pain relief and wellbeing methods that have brought me to:

Feeling Healthier, along with

  • Substantial relief from pain
  • Restored mobility

Feeling Younger, which means

  • Rejuvenated “old” body
  • Relishing more “get up and go”

Healing Faster, so that

  • Regenerate broken bones more easily
  • Repair damaged tissues quicker

Recover Faster, so that I

  • Recuperate from physical exertion quicker

Sleep Better, which means

  • Reduced fatigue

These 6 A-1 pain relief methods worked for me! click, then choose "View Image " to see larger picture.
  1. PEMF mat... the iMRS
  2. Therapeutic massage
  3. Diet change
  4. Exercise
  5. Reduce toxins
  6. Pain relief machines

A full and satisfying life...

  • Get up in the morning, and feel energized to seize the day.
  • Move around easily.
  • Go out and socialize with friends.
  • See more of the world.

Not a burden to anyone,
because of chronic pain and
lack of mobility.

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