Relationship information... impacting one of the
"6-fold paths"
of those who embrace Conscious Living

Relationship Information

Relationships... as I see them... are of 4 types:

  1. self
  2. social
  3. context
  4. spiritual

Since I'm mostly left-brained, I tend to break things down into smaller and smaller parts... please forgive me!

Relationship type 1: self

Your self relationship is the most important! 
If you relate poorly to your SELF ... all other relationships will be shit!

The self category has five components:

  • living
    [all related to your physical life]
  • loving
    [all related to intimate relationships: romantic, family]
  • learning
    [all related to your cognitive life: school is an obvious part]
  • laboring
    [how you earn a living]
  • shadow side
    [integration of all aspects of the SELF... conscious/unconscious, light/dark]

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Relationship type 2: social

Your social relationships are those you have with other humans.
If you relate poorly to your SOCIAL relationships... you will 
"lead a life of quiet desperation"...
Henry David Thoreau

  • alone
  • lonely
  • sad
  • unfulfilled

The social category has four components:

  • colleagues
    [people you work with]
  • friends
    [special buddies]
  • memberships
    [groups you belong to]
  • partnerships
    [formal, perhaps legal, relationships]

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Relationship type 3: context

Your context relationships are those you have with with the living, non-human inhabitants of this planet.
If you relate poorly to your CONTEXT relationships... you will be a toxic influence... and non-nurturing...

The context category has three components:

  • community
    [the location where you live]
  • home
    [the physical and emotional place where you reside]
  • world
    [Gaia, our planet]

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Relationship type 4: spiritual

Your spiritual relationships are the most complex, and least understood of all.
If you interact poorly with your SPIRITUAL side... you will not attain the full humanity which is possible for you.

The spiritual category has six components:

  • beliefs
    [those deep-down cherished thoughts that are unproven in the "real world"]
  • fellowship
    [the interactions between those who share a spiritual bond]
  • leadership
    [a role given to unusually knowledgeable, empathetic, and charismatic people, who are willing to take responsibility for the spiritual life of those who share a spiritual bond]
  • meditation
    [a way to have dialogue with the Universe]
  • ritual
    [those cyclical events that provide meaningful interactions between those who share a spiritual bond]
  • scholarship
    [a method of scientific enquiry and/or philosophical discourse, that leads to profound knowledge regarding the Universe, of which spiritual energy is one facet]

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