Retirement Senior Community on your mind?
My recommendation is that you consider Thailand!

“Why a senior retirement community in Thailand?” I hear you ask.

BECAUSE... and this is for ALL seniors

  • single men
  • single women
  • couples
An exotic Buddhist temple, south of Bangkok.
This is a 17 storey tower, with the monstrous dragon wrapping around it.
There's also a winding path with animals, demons, and other statuary lining the pathway.
I used this temple as the basis for a full-back tattoo!

You will experience the EXOTIC ORIENT

You will become friends with GENIAL PEOPLE

You will enjoy SUPERB WEATHER


You will appreciate a LOW COST OF LIVING

You will benefit from EXCELLENT HEALTH CARE

You will take comfort in LIVING SAFELY



You can hire PERSONAL AIDES at bargain prices

And, dear reader, I have been there every year for the last decade, and I experience all of that... every time.

Except, I've not needed to hire a personal aide [practical nurse, housekeeper, cook etc.], although many of my buddies do.

I know single women, couples, and single men who live there full-time, and would not trade their life for living "back home".

"Retirement in a senior community in Thailand sounds interesting... but how could I afford it?"
A common question...

Here's my experience...

  1. it costs about $1500/month [US $] for me, my partner and her young grandchild
  2. we live in a good-sized comfortable 1-room apartment, with hot shower bathroom, and A/C
  3. my partner visits the local farmers' market daily and prepares meals
  4. we eat at local restaurants 3 or 4 times a week
  5. we eat at "western" restaurants one time a week
  6. we travel by taxi 3 or 4 times a week
  7. we take a 3 - 4 day holiday every 3 months, so I can renew my visa, traveling via VIP buses
  8. we rent a van for a day, on those holidays, so we can do "tourist" things
  9. we visit the dentist twice a year and each of has cleanings and fillings etc., as required
  10. we pay school fees twice a year
  11. as needed, we go to local clinics or the University Hospital for medical treatment

Some senior retirement community videos on what it costs to live in Thailand

There's an American expat [JC] living in Thailand who spends a lot of his time exploring Thailand and reporting on

  • places to live
  • accommodation costs
  • food costs
  • and so on...

To start,
visit here
and see how your personal monthly income
would work in Thailand.

If your personal monthly income [US $] is
$500 - $750
check out these series of videos.

If your personal monthly income [US $] is
$750 - $1000
check out these series of videos.

If your personal monthly income [US $] is
over $1000
check out these series of videos.

In my opinion, JC does a good job on reporting the good, not-so-good, and terrible things about Thailand.

This video sums up how "dangerous" it is in Thailand.

SPOILER ALERT...[main message of the video]

if you're really stupid, and/or like to live dangerously... Thailand IS dangerous.

However, just because you can do it does not mean you have to do it!
The video makes that last point very strongly...

Senior retirement community options for couples

I know of several couples who have a house in Australia, but whose pension income is NOT ENOUGH to live decently in Australia. [Me too, although my house is in Canada.]

Those couples have opted to rent out their houses, move to Thailand, and increase their standard of living substantially... even with their meager pensions.

I'm doing the same thing.

Naturally, this would work for single men and single women who own their own accommodation elsewhere.

Senior retirement community options for singles

And then there's the single women and single men who move here... some permanently, and some for "vacations" during the year.

We [I am part of those groups] opt for one of:

  • apartment living
  • townhouse living
  • houses
  • senior retirement community resorts

If you have read the paragraph where I summarize my living style, you will get a sense of what awaits singles in Thailand.

I guess one thing I should mention... single men do not have to remain single.

I have no idea how easily a single woman can develop a relationship in Thailand.

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