Advice about senior citizen retirement is one of my favorite topics!

Mainly because I am enjoying my retirement decisions so much. Truly my sweet life started when I decided that Thailand was the place for me to retire.

And now you know my major bias… and what most of this page will discuss!

Perhaps you got a hint of this from my Senior Travel section? view of Chiang Mai from my condo.
Chiang Mai is a mountain city
and is ideal as a senior citizen retirement haven


I’ve written elsewhere about my woes when I turned 65, retired, went through a divorce, and started a downward health trend… poor me…

I started a fairly aggressive plan to overcome all this… starting with 

I had a hazy set of criteria around the ideal senior citizen retirement place:

  • Friendly folk
  • Good climate
  • Great food
  • Inexpensive
  • Medical expertise
  • Safe
Dragon temple, SW of Bangkok.The Dragon Temple, SW of Bangkok is one of the most exotic of Thai temples.
I used it as the basis of a full back tattoo I have.

Did I ever mention that my family bought me a ticket to visit Thailand for a retirement gift?

I was super-pleased to note that it was a RETURN TICKET!

That 12 week trip firmly planted the thought that there wasn’t likely to be any place better for me to retire to… although I explored other places.

Actually, let my buddy Harold tell you about how I convinced him that Thailand was THE PLACE to retire…


I’ve been a buddy of Garry for about 30 years. I watched his life go into the crapper after he retired, and thought “No frikken way will that happen to me!”

Oh boy! Everything seemed to go down the drain for me, too.

I retired just as my wife and I were going through a miserable divorce.

I lost my house.

I was at a loss for things to do.

And cash-flow was going to be a problem… the writing was on the wall about finances…

I tried to find out where a guy could retire… preferably always warm, inexpensive, safe, and with lots of dusky maidens!

Mexico, Belize and Panama didn't work out!

And Canada sure the hell didn’t.

I had trouble coming to grips with Garry’s ringing endorsement of what he called “a paradise for old retired guys”. It’s hard to believe such a place exists.

I finally took Garry’s advice, and let him arrange a trip for us to South East Asia… a place I was suspicious of!

I didn’t understand the culture. Or speak the language. Or know what was safe and what wasn’t. Or where to live. Or if I could eat the food. Or where I could find a dusky maiden!

OMG… best decision I ever made! This has to be the ultimate paradise for older single men.

Very civilized… the more rural areas are 3d world, but urban areas have all the amenities of Australian, European and North American cities.

Friendly people… everybody smiles!

Great weather… no snow, ice, or slippery driving

Tasty food… I live in an area where there scores of local [and Western] restaurants. A professional cook prepares meals for me. They serve me. They clean up afterwards.

Inexpensive living… I’m paying about $200 a month for a studio apartment.

Superior medical and dental care at bargain prices… this country is a medical destination. World class hospitals. Very modern medical and dental faculties at several universities, so locally trained medicos are extremely competent.

Safe… I’ve never felt threatened or in danger in 10 years.

And I’ve found a life partner… a sweet and caring lady! I’m looking after her and her family, which is no burden at all. And I’m being looked after like I could only dream about in my previous life.

My advice?

If you feel life is passing you by [just as I felt in Canada]… then pay attention to what I’ve found! 

I live here permanently and I’m never going back to Canada. 

Life is just too damned good!

Garry is a dream master!

p.s. It's a great senior citizen retirement place
for male AND female singles,
not to mention couples... 

Here is some evidence of why I’m sold on Thailand as the ideal place for senior citizen retirement.

  1. My first reason for even travelling to Thailand was the climate.
  2. Plus, I was looking forward to the culture of the exotic Orient.
  3. Since, I’ve always been a fan of spicy food; I figured Thailand would be a gourmet delight!
  4. Once there, I found the people to be the friendliest I’d ever encountered… anywhere…
  5. Thai Massages are the best!
  6. And it was inexpensive.
  7. I always felt safe…
    never in the decade I’ve been coming here have I felt the least bit in danger.
  8. An unexpected bonus is the romantic relationship I’ve lucked into…
    Thai ladies are #1! [imho]
  9. Care for senior retirees is thorough;
    here's one magnificent retirement community
  10. The final plus is the medical/dental services…
    Thailand is a world medical tourist destination.

I've written a report for a Canadian buddy, about
Touring in Thailand, which is a good introduction to what I love about the country.
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