Senior Living Guide...
What do many senior single men identify as the greatest fear about getting old?
What are the 4 most potent "stay young" mindsets?

"Our Senior Living Guide"

Some retired buddies [old farts, just like I am] recently spent a few contemplative hours, digging deep to identify our greatest fear as we age.
We identified ONE "fear" and FOUR "joy-full living desires".

It was actually quite an insightful time, and we were somewhat surprised at what we talked through.

Single Malt Scotch does that, you know...

Moving past the obvious!

Although we initially pounced on ideas like

  • health,
  • mobility,
  • finances,
  • companionship
  • etc. etc.

we moved past these, finally deciding on the ONE fear, plus the 4 fervent wishes...

Senior Living Guide:
Is this the greatest "fear" for seniors?

This was tough to nail down.

Lots of issues were identified... at least these 16

  1. house-bound
  2. can't move around
  3. can't go to the toilet by ourselves
  4. no money
  5. have to eat cat food
  6. die too soon
  7. friends all dead
  8. abandoned by family/friends
  9. lonely
  10. alone
  11. no one to love
  12. no one loves me
  13. depressed
  14. Alzheimers/dementia
  15. hospitalized for months/years
  16. really weird behavior

After a lot of
discussion, and arguing

We decided... OUR GREATEST FEAR...

Being a burden to our family
we cannot take care of ourselves

Those 13 words summarized all our fears.

Senior Living Guide:
Are these the 4 "best" wishes as we age?

Our 4 wishes:

  1. Get up in the morning, and feel energized to seize the day.
  2. Move around easily.
  3. Go out and socialize with friends.
  4. See more of the world.

In summary, we want a Joy-Full life.

We understood that underlying these, of course,

  • are enough $,
  • good health
  • etc.

but these 4 wishes were the indicators [for my group of buddies] that we were joyful...

although we did not use the word "joy"... too wimpy!

I am not sure how profound these might be... but they certainly capture how I want my remaining years to be.

And that desire is what has prompted me to create this website, and urge my senior single male readers to join me my journey.

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Living the sweet lifeTo the left [BELOW ON MOBILE] is a list of the issues that I've addressed in this senior single men guide, in order to get really close to living the sweet life.
I dare anyone to not agree that I've made it there!






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