Senior Single Dating Advice from a guy who has been there... done that!

Senior single dating adventures I've had in Thailand.

A better look at the lady in the header!

Let me tell my story... then you decide if a Thai lady might be the girl of your dreams!

Senior Single Dating experiences in Thailand.Valentine's Day in Hua Hin Thailand, 2017. Naraphon and I celebrate 4 years together.

I know... I know... the reputation of Thai "ladies" is questionable. HOWEVER, that is really unfair, since the huge majority of Thai women are

  • loving
  • sweet tempered
  • nurturing
  • honest
  • passionate
  • NOT biased against older farang men
    [FARANG = foreigner]
  • NOT part of the sex trade

That's my experience, you understand...

Tell me honestly... do I look super content in that picture?

A warning... be on the lookout for the girl of your nightmares, because it isn't hard to find them, either.

But you have to be in the wrong spot to find those...

Senior Single Dating can lead to romantic relationships!

Let me be clear about who I am.

  1. I am an aged male
  2. I am heterosexual
  3. I am divorced after 30+ years of marriage
  4. I am cynical
  5. I am [was] suspicious of male-female relationships
  6. I am not sure I would recognize love if it jumped up and bit me in the ass!
  7. I only know this from a man's point of view.

“Could this be love
Oh, tell me could this be love?”
“Could this be love” by Jennifer Lopez


Personal Experience

I have found Thailand to be an amazing place to find sweet, caring, and passionate female companionship.

It’s also a place to find lots and lots of indiscriminate, mindless, and meaningless sex.
IN FACT, easy mindless sex is a major perception of Thailand by many foreigners who have never been here.

Mind you, it is also a major perception of many foreigners WHO HAVE BEEN HERE!

I've addressed a few aspects of the mindless sex experience in another section.

I find Thai ladies, generally, to be attractive.

I mentioned this fact to my younger son, who replied, "That's because they are easily available."  He, too, has a slightly warped viewpoint regarding Thai ladies.

However, I am too smart (too old?) to avail myself of the company of bar girls, go-go girls, hookers and the ilk... I never have gone near any of those on my many trips here.

Anyway, I usually go to bed too early... the sleazy stuff doesn't start until 10 p.m.

How a Thai girlfriend thinks...

IF you are a single male, and think that a Thai girlfriend/wife is a great idea, first you need to understand the world-view and mind-set of Thai females.

If you asked what their #1 requirement for a romantic partner is, they would reply "has a good heart", which means

  1. treat me well
  2. look after me
  3. look after my family

In return, they will open their "good heart" to you, and treat you well, look after you, look after your family.

Now the quid pro quo for all this is:  IF YOU GOT THE MONEY, HONEY, she’s got the time

  • to shop,
  • to prepare meals,
  • to clean up,
  • to love you to pieces
  • to do laundry, and
  • do the same for your friends and family.

Dote on me and my family and friends...

I guess at its most cynical, it is an economic union, wherein a farang has cash and gets a do everything partner.

I note, however, that it is virtually identical to the relationship my father and mother had... and they were married for over 70 years, with very few "bumps in the marital road"...

The surprise for most western farang is #3, above:
look after my family.

FAMILY is everything!
You will be expected to look after parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, children, and on and on and on.

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