SENIOR TRAVEL GUIDE… Seeing a lot of the world is on the bucket list of most seniors… but too many don’t seize the opportunity to travel.

Where I've beenBeen there... seen that...

As an amateur senior travel guide, I've wondered “Why not”?

The biggest spoken reason is “NOT ENOUGH MONEY, HONEY!”

But… I suspect a deeper more shadowy reason holding seniors back.


Fear of the unknown Senior travel is NOT tough. Tap into my experience! I'll help you with just about all you'll need to worry about.

Seniors think to themselves...

For me, travel is an unknown
a frightening dream/nightmare

A lot of the senior travel guides I read are lousy
airline fares… hotels… tours

Cultural concerns
Will I unknowingly insult someone?
Will they be pissed off?

https|:// the hell is that?

Local Food issues
Can I eat food from street vendors?

Me in a hospital in BangkokHere I am at a Christmas party in a hospital in Bangkok, with my dance partner!

Medical care abroad
OMG, is he doing incantations?

Personal Safety in strange places
Should I have gone down this alley?

Scams I might encounter
Really, I can buy these uncut gems real cheap?

Strange laws in foreign countries
I’m going to get executed by a firing squad because of my medical marijuana?

Will I have enough money?

How many times will I have to sell my body to get air fare back home?

RELAX… everything is under control!
Just below is THE [IMHO] senior travel guide resource for you.

The Lonely Planet books go into incredible depth about

  • transportation
  • accommodation
  • food
  • things to do
  • things to see
  • hazards to avoid
  • cultural info
  • historical info

Plus, they categorize all of the above according to your budget...

  • travel on the super cheap
  • middle cost travel
  • luxury travel

Senior Travel Guide
Tip #1
Go to your local library and use the
Buy the one you want at this link.

This is an Affiliate link

p.s. There are plenty of travel books available. I found this series to be the best for me. I hope they work out for you.

 I bet you still have a nagging suspicion that this just doesn’t work the way I promise... senior travel is troublesome in the minds of many!

I do know how you feel. 


I travel to my paradise every year. 

I know all about safety, comfort and value… not to mention the SCAMS! 

I’ll guide you to great resources about senior travel...

I was a willing traveller all of my life. I find it interesting that just lately, as I become older, that the fears are nagging away in the subconscious.

  • Is my luggage overweight?
  • Will I be on time?
  • Will the radial head hunk of steel in my right arm set off a security alert?
    [Once, in LAX… no problem…]
  • Will I be strip searched and subjected to cavity searches by some minimum-wage, power-addicted, security-focused sweet young female guard?
    [dream on, Garry]
  • Will I get so confused at a foreign airport that I miss my connection?
    [never… airports have signage in English, pretty well universally]

My fears are never realized.
Once I’m in the queue for my flights, airports are set up to move travellers through smoothly.

ALTHOUGH, over 6 hours in a cramped airplane seat is a pain in the butt… literally… not to mention knees, hips and back! There are ways around that, however.

I’ve opted to break up my long trips by staying a few days in each city where I change planes. I get rested, and I can play tourist for a few days… usually sampling the local culinary delights.

Senior Travel Guide
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I’ve done a lot of travelling over the past 15 years, and written a blog [My Odd Essay*] about that.

Look at the listing of countries in the picture at the top... I've written about trips to all of those... eventually those writings will appear on this website as senior travel guides... but first the small reports will be written...

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