I'm always raving about the Thai climate... and I often get this question...

Garry,” I hear you ask. “Is it ever too hot in Thailand?


Thai regionsRegions of Thailand

The Central, Eastern, the south part of the Western, and the South can be abominably hot. That’s not to say the other regions are cold!

NEVER COLD, although I need to wear a sweater in the more northern parts of Thailand, from wake-up until about 10 a.m. during October until January.

And if you’re in a large urban area… the heat is worse. The traffic, the masses of humanity, the concrete, the lack of a breeze; all this exacerbates the heat issue.

HOWEVER, one can always find A/C nearby, in a bar, a restaurant, a hotel room, a shopping centre, or barring access to A/C, a fan ameliorates the heat.

A cold beer helps with the heat!A cold beer also helps

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My personal experience with the salubrious Thai climate...

I wear light cotton t-shirt and shorts, sandals and a large hat most of the time.

I try not to go out in the noon day sun…

My walks to the market, or to a restaurant, or for a massage are planned for early morning or after the sun sets.

I forgot to mention taking a dip in a pool!

I forgot to mention taking a dip in a pool!This was at Baan Klang, my condo rental in Hua Hin.
My Thai family cooling off in the poolMy Thai family cooling off in the pool

What follows is a series of pictures I've taken over my years in Thailand, showing different parts of the country... and suggesting the Thai climate is perpetually gorgeous!

Any golfers amongst my readers?

Year-round courses available...

A course near Cha Am, in February.
Cha Am is a seaside city, SW of Bangkok.

View of the mountain, west of Hua Hin, from my condo Baan Klang.

I, once in a while, head south of Bangkok to the seaside resort of Hua Hin. While the climate is quite hot here, the sea breeze from the Gulf of Thailand makes it bearable. My condo was on the 7th floor with doors to the east and west... a great breeze pretty well all day.

Baan Klang condo view of mountain to the west

View of Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai in December... taken from my condo, Chiang Mai Residence.

Doi = mountain

Doi Suthep after a rain

Doi Suthep after a rain.

My Chiang Mai condo is right beside the moat that surrounds the old city of Chiang Mai, with this great view to the west.

I really enjoy the climate of Chiang Mai, for it's considerably cooler than that of Bangkok and the south. The city is at a higher altitude, and that moderates the heat.

Mae Fung Lung gardens, near Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand, in the mountains along the Myanmar border.

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